Shutter Island – A thriller that will blow your brains off..!!

I always look forward to a Martin Scorsese film with loads of expectations and the prospect of witnessing a riveting drama at it’s best. And this thriller sweeps you away with a kind of raw yet subtle intensity, that has been a trademark in all Scorsese flicks. The entire set up of the maverick institutionContinue reading “Shutter Island – A thriller that will blow your brains off..!!”

An experiment with life (Not an excerpt)..

If you closely look at the numerous causes for pandemonium around our lives, evidently all roads would lead to ‘Us‘. And we, the ‘humans’, god’s most superlative creature in this planet earth, strive to make things worse, with an outside and a rear perspective to design things in a personalized fashion. And, we are quite emphaticContinue reading “An experiment with life (Not an excerpt)..”

When Sachin bats, ecstasy rules the roost..

Today, I had the honor of witnessing a gem of an innings from the legendary willow of my ‘Boss’ (from the beginning to the celebrated ending ) after really long time, and I don’t care if it came in the shortest and the least favored format (at least for me) of the game. Well, actually it doesn’t matter where he bats, what isContinue reading “When Sachin bats, ecstasy rules the roost..”

Aayarithil Oruvan – A mishap that became a disaster..

I always thought that Selveraghavan had some logic in his movies, even though I have never been a great admirer of his so called quintessential yet realistic approach of filmmaking. But ‘AO’ has surpassed all levels of insanity. Undoubtedly, it is one of his most pathetic works till date and I really felt that IContinue reading “Aayarithil Oruvan – A mishap that became a disaster..”

Frenzy IPL Engulfs Nation

The 3rd edition of IPL invokes the kind of expectations and thrill, which is reminiscent of the extravaganza that began couple of years back with pomp and glamour. Frankly, IPL has never interested me. I belong to the authentic school of copybook cricket and sincerely vouch for tests and ODI’s. For me, test cricket wouldContinue reading “Frenzy IPL Engulfs Nation”

Why are birthdays considered to be revered events in our lives..??

I have always been curious about the birthday syndrome..!!!?? Why are they so special..?? I mean, every second person in this world celebrates his/her birthday with pomp and glamour, or with a sense of fulfillment that he/she is worthy enough to be a year older..!!! But frankly, birthdays don’t excite me any more. They do not thrillContinue reading “Why are birthdays considered to be revered events in our lives..??”

VTV – Usually, love stories are meant to be just like this..

VTV is a fine product from Gautam’s stable. I would not say that ‘I loved it’ but I liked the way the love story was scripted and portrayed. I still feel that it is a classic that fell short by a whisker. But all said and done, an exquisite attempt from the talented filmmaker. The plot,Continue reading “VTV – Usually, love stories are meant to be just like this..”

Memories that are immortal..

Like a bolt out of the blue, one of my best friends posted few pictures in facebook, which had attained legendary status years back and I had even forgotten that we had ever taken those snaps!! But man, it was simply invaluable to watch those days in pictures and I was simply taken aback..!!! Omigosh!!!???Continue reading “Memories that are immortal..”

Pyaasa (1957) – A Film By Guru Dutt

I am on course to fulfill my zest to take a glimpse at some of the finest films crafted in Indian cinema. Pyaasa definitely ranks amongst the top and I need to tell you folks that I just witnessed a work of a genius. We all have heard, read and applauded the craftsmanship of GuruContinue reading “Pyaasa (1957) – A Film By Guru Dutt”