Pyaasa (1957) – A Film By Guru Dutt

I am on course to fulfill my zest to take a glimpse at some of the finest films crafted in Indian cinema. Pyaasa definitely ranks amongst the top and I need to tell you folks that I just witnessed a work of a genius.

We all have heard, read and applauded the craftsmanship of Guru Dutt, but if we really have to take a glimpse of his talent, then you have to watch his movies. His script, the dialogues and the monologues, the melancholy that surrounds the apt story-line and mellifluous rendering of the divine words (Sahir Ludhianvi) by Rafi saab are just perfect. Pyaasa kept me glued to the screen for approximately 3 hours and even though it was not very positive frame by frame, but extremely thought provoking and inarguably, very intriguing and subtle. The casting was impeccable too. Waheeda Rehman looks like a deprived angel and Mala Sinha looks very beautiful.  Rehman as Mala Sinha’s consolation husband is impressively crooked. A young Mehmood was refreshing to watch and Johnny Walker was immensely entertaining.
I always wanted to watch Guru Dutt’s films (especially since I have heard and read so much about him) and Pyaasa proves that he was indeed a filmmaker beyond his times.

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