vibes unleashed

My city of bread and butter (that was), breeding ground is better put, the growing metropolis that remains an elusive part of my story. Things have not changed much though. Traffic is trending downwards, hotness is lateral and opportunities bring thousands to this bilingual city like Usain Bolt. Not me, but the connect is highContinue reading “vibes unleashed”

the float state

Scattered and hanging, above all else. With little to see below and very little to watch above, the only place to fathom justice is the airy beacon of uncertain serenity. Looks like a playground, minutes later looks like a famished desert. Then, looks like an island in the Middle East and divulges in to aContinue reading “the float state”

Sister’s Day Out

Bondage of love and a beautiful relationship beyond hemispheres. Bhuvaneswari Seeevikram – The darling of our family and the pineapple of our eyes, your unconditional love is my greatest boon. Sibling relationships must be like ours, last like wine and bloom like paradise. Krishna Chirag Vyas – We are not born to same parents butContinue reading “Sister’s Day Out”