Green Grass is Back

There is no joy in lawn tennis if we take Wimbledon out from the equation. Ever since my growing years, my dearness for ‘The All England Club’ has only intensified – even though am not the same avid youngster who used to wait for 3rd of June to come soon. Especially, after witnessing all theContinue reading “Green Grass is Back”

The ‘Messi’ Situation

Yes, I truly consider Messi to be one of the finest this generation has embraced. Argentina is my favorite team and I love when Messi messes around with the opponents and makes them look dumb as he whisks past as if the ball is stuck to his toes. But, there is this crucial question thatContinue reading “The ‘Messi’ Situation”

the day of resurgence

Not married, but I got hooked this day, 4 years ago. Completely, totally, exclusively. No looking back, just love and lots of love, and lots of it. Life started a journey of fulfillment with our union, and ever since, I just keep falling in love with you. Everyday, every time. We are growing together, understandingContinue reading “the day of resurgence”

goodness lives..

On a typical sticky, sweaty afternoon, I started walking from home to work. I did not have my bike at my disposal today and public transport isn’t a viable option during this time of the hour. Thankfully, my workplace isn’t very far, hence decision to walk looked sensible. Just as I was almost half wayContinue reading “goodness lives..”

my best man

You are the first man in my life. My first Hero, and perhaps the finest. You raised us with all the limitations around, and stood tall to give us the life we live today. You were the reason why I love bikes today, I remember the first time I kick started your bike and howContinue reading “my best man”

Truly. The Greatest.

When I heard the news of Ali’s passing away, this is what struck me – Boxing was a sport then when he used to play it. Well, that sums it up. Muhammad Ali for me, was one of the greatest sportsman who bought glory to perhaps the ugliest and nastiest game in our sporting history.Continue reading “Truly. The Greatest.”