Mayakkam Enna (Tamil Film): Gutsy and Glorious Few!

If human relationships could be bracketed under mystic wraps, then I would be the most prominent protagonist to breathe life with pretentious fame. ‘Mayakkam Enna’ is one such tantalising epic that miscodes and quotes life in phonetic modes. A great ‘hounds and fur’ portrayal of versatile characters in situations of despicable abyss, ME enthrals mostContinue reading “Mayakkam Enna (Tamil Film): Gutsy and Glorious Few!”

When dominance was ecstasy..

As I watch the ‘Agneepath Series’ at the spectacular MCG, I had my notions revisit the legacy of the OZ juggernaut. When Sehwag was dropped by the wicket keeper (few minutes before tea), I was like “Omigosh, this isn’t the Aussie side I have witnessed in the last 18 years” and my pandora wasn’t hintingContinue reading “When dominance was ecstasy..”

Lifeoholic’s memoirs..

Our ability to emote is a variable widget in our lives. It’s preinstalled but comes in to use depending upon the circumstances and the kind of people we are surrounded by. I, conspicuously and by finesse of nature, am not an emotional creature. But, moments of poignancy does take its toll. When it did evolveContinue reading “Lifeoholic’s memoirs..”

When vacationing vents notes..

“Being iconic doesn’t indicate invincibility but symbolises pervasiveness”. “A picture perfect story could be buried under debris when pookish fixtures confront you”. “Andheri, Bandra-Worli Sea Link, Haji Ali, Marine Drive, Wankhede, Aston Martin.. an illustrious ride to Colaba couldn’t pack more muscles”. “Happy Anniversary to Suddha-Babli, probably the only elite couple who allow me toContinue reading “When vacationing vents notes..”