Avatar – A Series of Bizarre Occurrences..

Avatar for me was an extravaganza of superlative visual graphics and mind boggling execution of 3D technology. And with that, I am done commenting about all the good things about this multi million blockbuster. Let me make myself very clear that fantasy has never excited me, probably I am too much in to the fraternityContinue reading “Avatar – A Series of Bizarre Occurrences..”

Apple’s iPad – How revolutionary could it be..??

The first looks of the iPad are indeed a revelation and going by the vehement statement made by Steve Jobs, it could be the magical multimedia device we all have never seen. But for now, all of our ideas, feedback and the critic’s review could just be a speculation. If you ask me, I amContinue reading “Apple’s iPad – How revolutionary could it be..??”

CPI(M) will never be the same again..

The demise of Jyoti Basu marked the end of an era. An era that witnessed some of the finest leaders this country has ever seen, and they were an embellishment to the fraternity of our political history. For many, Mr Basu might already be a part of folkfore, but for me, he has always comeContinue reading “CPI(M) will never be the same again..”

Pitch in for ‘Pitches’..

The ‘Kotla‘ debacle has raised quite a few eyebrows on the infrastructure and the management of the regional centers, across India. On this occasion, the DDCA was found guilty and by all means, this does not augur well for the country’s reputation, who is all set to host the ‘World Cup’ in 2011. The BCCIContinue reading “Pitch in for ‘Pitches’..”

3 Idiots – VVC & Raju churn out another classic from their stable..

Once in 3-4 years, comes a movie which touches our heart, tinkers the strings of emotions within us and breezes through our minds as sheer poetry. ‘3 Idiots’ is one such flick. Vidhu and Raju come back together after the ‘Munnabhai’ series and their films have just one thing in common. They create magic onContinue reading “3 Idiots – VVC & Raju churn out another classic from their stable..”