Rockstar: Dazzling Debonair!

It happens during an occasional hiatus when a film with heart and soul appears to melt you down. Very few could have a translucent and vibrant mix of love, eccentricity, attitude, sadness, loss, romance, obsession, creativity and perhaps, madness. ‘Rockstar’ embodies these in plenty and takes you through a journey of elapsed yet powerful minds.Continue reading “Rockstar: Dazzling Debonair!”

Those were the days..

While sipping the customary lemon tea and exchanging pleasantries for the day with couple of my colleagues during our early morning banter, we ran in to a conversation that seldom fades away. Our younger days are our inspiration and the greatest teacher (few would disagree with me on that). We cursed our teachers, accused ourContinue reading “Those were the days..”