J. Edgar: Cliched & Tampered Genius

Biopics have always been addictive affairs for me. And, magnitudes of such maverick proportions are rarely depicted with such audacity. Forte, remains magnetic. Class, oozes envy and a legend survives the most dramatic chapters in American history with quantum poise and touch of evil debonair. Perhaps, Nixon’s final words describe the powerhouse of a manContinue reading “J. Edgar: Cliched & Tampered Genius”

Valentine? Pseudo..

Roses galore, petals kiss your thirst and mountains spit collages of serene kiosk… At a time of penchant vows, I courageously demean the dawn to caress and make love. Very, astonishingly, brave, mild, grizzly moan and fetish desires engulf paradigm. I, fake, not to diminish but to flourish with pretentious glory. Ah, my pittance ofContinue reading “Valentine? Pseudo..”