Lamhaa: A film by Rahul Dholakia – A sordid tale of battered souls

‘Kashmir’ isn’t about political turmoils anymore; it is a quicksand – the more your try to resolve and recuperate, the deeper you get sucked in to the bludgeon of fear, conspiracy and nepotism. ‘Welcome to the most dangerous place in India’ is a blatant statement with immense grit and dissipates humanity from religion. ‘Lamhaa’ isContinue reading “Lamhaa: A film by Rahul Dholakia – A sordid tale of battered souls”

The soccer pinnacle at it’s invigorating best..

The triumph becomes an alluring aspect of the extraordinaire when the protagonists live up to the expectations of the underdogs. The recently concluded ‘FIFA World Cup 2010’ had all those elements embedded in plenty. The Spanish juggernaut was irresistible as they impounded damage on the so called ‘indispensable’ to claim the title of world championsContinue reading “The soccer pinnacle at it’s invigorating best..”