why have we made such a fuss about a mere cricket player who is just about 5 feet above the ground level, has endorsements to his name just like any other superstar celebrity world over would and tweet our heart out on his every morning siesta lasting till end of night? well, if the cricketerContinue reading “@sachin_rt”

When the ‘Garden of Eden’ called for..

Images that speak for such beautiful moments of my life.. I have had few enormous stints at the ‘Eden’, this one proved special as it marked my comeback to the ‘City of Joy’ and then to the ‘Eden’. Significantly, it was with my sweetheart and she was ecstatic :)! Picturesque and panting with energy, itContinue reading “When the ‘Garden of Eden’ called for..”

In Transit (Delayed!) Reviews: ‘Attacks of 26/11’ and ‘Inkaar’

We all saw it happen, felt the anguish and disgraced the shameful deed of audacious crime with open arms. Yet, RGV’s bio-centric recapitulation of gory chapters spits venom and reminds us of inhuman embellishment. It isn’t a review, because it isn’t. It was bad walk down the memory lane, with events unfolding in front ofContinue reading “In Transit (Delayed!) Reviews: ‘Attacks of 26/11’ and ‘Inkaar’”