around me

day begins with a yawn, ends with probably a bigger one. life packs quite a punch amidst the most popular and common human encore. usually, I tend to love bright mornings but escapades of our frivolous nature have plans of their own. Quite rightly so and my arrogance to demand freebies from our creative motherContinue reading “around me”

Reliving Byomkesh

Calcutta. Cha aar singhada. Country savaged by war, cities torn by partition and hatred. People in clutches of political propaganda and heist, witnessing victims of brutal animosity. Saradindu Bandhapadhyay’s witty and courageous Byomkesh Bakshi.    Well, for me, Byomkesh Bakshi embodies the waters of above. And surprisingly, he hasn’t been an ardent flavor of Cinema,Continue reading “Reliving Byomkesh”


Yes. Consumed. Period. Inflammable isn’t an attribute, it’s a way of getting burnt.  Hopes. Turmoil. Not over but begun. Ah, just yet. Travel fascinates me, engulfs life over its normalcy and catapults mortals to a perceived cubicle of succumbing dreams. Yes, am fulfilled. Yes, I dream. Yes, I dare. Yes, started. Phases co exist, precludingContinue reading “Plenty.”