To beginnings..

If something has begun, it doesn’t mean that something else has ended. Perhaps, this one never started. It was lying unaccomplished somewhere in the realms of time and embracing oblivion. Now, time has unleashed itself. Strings attached to the past will have a legacy but it cannot become your destiny. The past helps you toContinue reading “To beginnings..”

The Spiritual Residence

I am in no way, a spiritual geek. In fact, quite the opposite. I am the usual, run of the mill, selfish individual who goes running to God for petty petitions and wonders to happen that might change your life. Not that I don’t work hard, but human beings do have this beautiful habit ofContinue reading “The Spiritual Residence”

Dilip Saab – Thespian and Artist

Widely acknowledged as one of the first and the finest method actor ever produced by India, Dilip Saab was more than an actor. An artist whose roles and characters have transcended borders and cultures, he remains an elusive and a celebrated icon of indian Cinema. I have watched his classics, and no wonder they areContinue reading “Dilip Saab – Thespian and Artist”