If at all we could think..!!??

I was passing through my routine exploration of this enigmatic planet when I came across a fact forgotten by our vehement statisticians who love to dissipate facts from fiction in a glorious manner ; this one was good enough to have me surprised and stunned at the same frame. How many of us realize theContinue reading “If at all we could think..!!??”

The day ‘Ambur’ took us for a ride..

2nd August 2010 Disclaimer: All characters in this script are inquisitive, alive and notorious. Any resemblances to real life characters are to be taken in the healthiest of stride with a sense of realism. Principal star cast: Guruprakash Sampathkumar Santosh Kumar M Ather Basha A conspicuously tiny ride to one of the most imperious leather-bedsContinue reading “The day ‘Ambur’ took us for a ride..”