Blockbuster Review: Django Unchained – Ruffled Business!

A periodic flamingo ahead of a civil war with a solitary government prognosis and an aid who threatens the very existence of an inevitable black with an improbable quest to bisect the native world with a penchant of pursuance with audacity. Phew! Only and only, Quentin Tarantino can pull that off! And, he does withContinue reading “Blockbuster Review: Django Unchained – Ruffled Business!”

phew.. 2012 was a zipper, how does -13 look like?

To begin with, thank you for the sustenance to keep the urge within me alive! Your likes, the pink comments and your wise following keeps me afloat amidst ruins. This year, I want to be the force to reckon with, yet again :)! Insights, posts, pages, reviews, articles.. and by all means, a lot moreContinue reading “phew.. 2012 was a zipper, how does -13 look like?”