Mumbai: Common man’s penchant for paradise

The more elusive is the portrayal of Mumbai, the greater becomes the inquisitiveness to garner more about this talked about city in India, and contagiously, the world is equally famished for this provocatively charming hub of social and political interference. ‘Dhobi Ghaat’ resurfaces as yet another depiction of intermingling human relationships and conflicting diversified inContinue reading “Mumbai: Common man’s penchant for paradise”

De-biographically, evolution has been enchanting!

A submissive kid used to be once quite and submerged in self confessed union. He was, reluctantly part of a regular ‘pada’ football match and was oblivious of the concurrent events that was going to change his life. He caught hold of the pervasive ball like ‘Eknath Solkar’ but to his dismay, he was ridiculedContinue reading “De-biographically, evolution has been enchanting!”