The greatest story that remains untold..

When the whole nation was busy admiring the exploits of a world cup winning nation and it’s undisputed heroes, one man stood and watched unfazed. We celebrated the genius of ‘God’ but somewhere in the ambush, the greatness of one Rahul Dravid got diluted. Today, when he nears yet another glorious ton in his glitteringContinue reading “The greatest story that remains untold..”

Turbulence could be a boon..

Beware, I am not talking about broken hearts here. Neither am I redundant enough to talk about those acquaintances that never cease to exist. Probably, trying to venture out on those moments when you feel that ‘not working out’ is a blessing in disguise. I believe in relationships that selflessly caress through it’s rugged pathContinue reading “Turbulence could be a boon..”

The All England Club: Aura of encore..

Not that I have been immersed with this beautiful game over the last few couple of years (or perhaps even more), but Wimbledon has always blown me away with it’s charm. It’s my pick amongst the 4 grand slams and inarguably, the most popular one amongst the people and critics alike. We need not beContinue reading “The All England Club: Aura of encore..”

Delhi Belly: Audaciously Quantified!

One hell of a f*****g freakish roller coaster!! Seldom do we see such novels depicted in silver screen: an audacious attempt to relinquish the pretentious magnet of youngsters and gives us a feeling of what we are with all the cosmopolitan culture cosmetics thrown in. The language, the satire, the outlook and the realism ofContinue reading “Delhi Belly: Audaciously Quantified!”