Paradise in Mayhem – S01E02

Love Cathy met Jacob when she was 5 years old. He was 11 then and used to spend a lot of time in his father’s bakery which was just adjacent to Cathy’’s. Their parents have been running the bakery business since the last 30 years, and have seen the worst since. Jacob lost his fatherContinue reading “Paradise in Mayhem – S01E02”

2 Friends – Chapter 2

Jennifer’s father wants her to move to Cambridge for further studies and towards a more illustrious life. He firmly believes that moving to Cambridge will open up plenty of opportunities for her to grow and prosper. He also believes that this move will get her out of the shell and open up her life toContinue reading “2 Friends – Chapter 2”

End of an Era

I have never seen Pele play but I am sure I would have loved him every bit if I was around then – his prodigious talent and the aura are testimonials to his greatness. No doubt, he is widely and inarguably considered to be the greatest ever. For me, the pillars of greatness have retiredContinue reading “End of an Era”

Tale of Two Legacies

The biggest prize of all – The World Cup. And without doubt, this would be known as Messi’s World Cup. He stamped his class and authority as he led his team to a third title – the last time we watched a Argentinian lifting this elusive trophy was 36 years ago. That itself speaks volumesContinue reading “Tale of Two Legacies”

Espionage – The Dark World

In a world of civilians and goodness, the ‘spy’ profession is one world where insanity looms large. It’s a world of perennial darkness and betrayal, and to survive is in itself, a test to surpass armageddon. Unlike in popular culture and thanks to the advent of films like 007 and Mission Impossible, this isn’t aContinue reading “Espionage – The Dark World”

The Shining

In darkness, I see light. A few minutes earlier, this view was quite different. Eclipsed by some clouds, not willing to show up, perhaps happy to take a backseat and run the show nevertheless. But then the landscape changed. There were flashes, and then it was showtime. Out there on the top, looking supremely gorgeousContinue reading “The Shining”