Espionage – The Dark World

In a world of civilians and goodness, the ‘spy’ profession is one world where insanity looms large. It’s a world of perennial darkness and betrayal, and to survive is in itself, a test to surpass armageddon.

Unlike in popular culture and thanks to the advent of films like 007 and Mission Impossible, this isn’t a profession for everyone. Rather, it’s for the select few who choose sacrifice beyond everything else. Because, being a spy robs you of those innocent desires in life that you might want to cultivate as a normal human being would. The cinematic version is far from reality – minus all the glamour and chivalry, and comes loaded with the perks of an inevitable death.

But the key question is not what the reality is. Perhaps we all know that. The more significant poke is – how important are spies to our country and to be even more specific, how dispensable their roles are especially when it is widely believed that spies have a very short shelf life.

The most important aspect is also quite a revelation (or perhaps stunning to say the least). Their definition of ‘trust’ is very different from the understanding of an average human being. Moreover, the trust factor is largely focused on the mistrust of the associated relationships, which is equally shameful and staggering in terms of their binary world – binary because not allowing themselves to trust is the very core attribute of their existence.

The world needs spies, the world needs undercover agents, we certainly need vigilantes who are always around to ensure we are alive the next morning. But the most painful and ignominious part is – they don’t exist when they are alive and death eludes them when they perish.


The Shining

In darkness, I see light. A few minutes earlier, this view was quite different. Eclipsed by some clouds, not willing to show up, perhaps happy to take a backseat and run the show nevertheless.

But then the landscape changed. There were flashes, and then it was showtime. Out there on the top, looking supremely gorgeous to our naked eyes.

Party on the Sky 🪔 🧨 🔥


There is a significance to the enigmatic concept of ‘Fireball’.

All the anger rolled out in a cushion ball and intended to target hostility with persuasive aggression while at the same time, conveying the message of pain and perseverance with a pinch of frustration and audacity.

Looks attractive from the outside, burns inside with fury.

But fire has its own charm to relinquish and adapt. Perhaps, that is the reason it’s invincibility is often disputed with discretion.


Friday Monologue

I wish it was an eclipse – an evil collapse of the inevitable and an attempt to rise beyond the natural.

My wish is no one’s command, but it certainly is the ask of the hour. Not to unravel the blemishes of self but a plea to open those doors of vision for me to see through the turbulence and slowly inch towards the realm of possibilities.


2 Friends – Chapter 1

Jennifer and Maya were not born for each other. But, they were born to live with each other.

Jennifer came out from an affluent family where riches, parties and extravagance was the order of the day. But, she never belonged to them. Apparently, she is very close to her father, and her mother always came second. But, she was not the spoilt kind. Rather, all this noise, the crowd of pretentious people and fake emotions never got the better of her. She started isolating herself from the realms of her parents, though she loved them both. A introvert, she does not want to come out of the shell she has created for herself, yet she eagerly awaits the rising sun or the first drop of rain that remains embellished in the squadron of the palpable sky. She is very pretty, yet she is alone and vulnerable in life.

Maya is one of her kind. A beautiful person, she exudes charm and innocence in the same breath. She always has her guns blazing, and resonates to people in a way that keeps her connected to them in a way that she becomes very close to their soul. Maya touches hearts, and she is an absolute sweetheart to people around her. She hails from a middle class family, and hence is very close to her roots. Wealth and prosperity eludes her, but that is in no way stopping her to cherish every moment in life. A genuine person with a heart of gold. Her parents live in Bangalore, parents were working but now retired and she is fending herself off to a decent start once she completes her Bachelors, which appears to be an outright target in her life.


Ponniyan Selvan – Adaptation of it’s kind

When I came out of the theatres, few emotions were flashing through my mind. Goosebumps, a surreal revelation, the epic-ness of the original novel or the mere genius of a master filmmaker who has managed to deliver this in unbelievable proportions. Perhaps this could be all of the above or I am just imagining myself in a different realm of storytelling that remains restrained and provocative in its own way.

I have not read the novel nor did I have any affinity towards the charm of the original script before Mani Ratnam decided to make a movie out of it. So I obviously do not belong in the space where I could decipher the aura of making a such an iconic novel in to a Magnum Opus. But as this reality became more evident, I started looking on to the details – like the context, the complexity and diversity of the characters, the massive scale and against the backdrop of one of the most powerful and illustrious dynasties in Indian history (perhaps terming it as the Sub-Continent would be more apt).

When you hear stories of MGR and Kamal Hassan who wanted to create a celluloid version of this classic but things never materialised, with Mani Ratnam himself trying to revive the making in the 90s but somehow the idea went in to oblivion – this again establishes the inevitability quotient wherein this idea of making ‘Ponniyan Selvan’ for Cinema was in the pipeline for a very long time and thus the curiosity has only multiplied. So the real question was ‘when’ even though the ‘how’ was an equally daunting task.

By all means and without being very critical of its production by keeping the original novel in a more dignified place, Mani Ratnam’s ‘Ponniyan Selvan’ is an example of pure cinematic brilliance. More so for its ensemble cast, bringing those vividly complex characters on screen with the trademark Mani Ratnam swag and a stunning background score to supplement the legend of ‘Ponniyan Selvan’.


The Victory

She came. She conquered. She left – with a promise to come back next year.

আসছে বছর আবার হবে…

Durga Puja @Hampstead, London
Durga Puja @Camden, London
Durga Puja @Hindu Pragati Sangha Mandir, Mile End, London

The Unknown

A classic example of how things can go terribly wrong yet the outcome can be something so spectacularly baffling and beautiful (in its own way though) at the same time.

I am still trying to figure out what is the message being conveyed to us.

Can you, are you able to..??


Lake District – Sublime Waters

There is so much that I could talk about the visit to the Lake District National Park. But I would rather dwell upon certain specific elements of those 4 magical days spent amidst gloriously relishing waters, beautifully laden small towns and magnificent landscapes.

@Kendal Castle
@Kendal Castle

The small town of Kendal revels in simplicity and normalcy – perhaps the cornerstone of a peaceful life. The walk to the castle in the late evening was our first towards beauty in the altitudes. Once we reached the castle, the nicest things around were clearly visible and then it was just about enjoying those moments, taking photographs with family and obviously capturing those unsaid moments through the lens of dreams and peerless hopes.

Sights from Honister Slate Mine

Perhaps describes life at its mercurial best. Twisted, Unpredictable, Beautiful, Future.


Blue. Just blue everywhere. Blue waters, blue sky, the blueness brings the smile out of your hopes and lingers around till you figure out that it’s the blue that keeps us alive, keeps us afloat.

Green is the new Blue!
No wonder, he now rests in peace at Grasmere.
Truly. Indeed. Perhaps, the beginning of many such lasts and everlasting moments of wonder.

The Magnificent Skye

A holiday after 2 years is super special, and a vacation after the Pandemic that consumed the whole world looks apparently like an invitation straight from the doors of Heaven. Well, it turned out exactly the way it was meant to be – elusive, beautiful, picturesque and divine. Rest, the pictures will do the talking.

Happy Easter!

The Kelpies
The Wallace Monument
The Town of Callander
On our way to Glenfinnan from Fort William on Day 2
The Glenfinnan Viaduct – The Jacobite Express
In and Around – Glenfinnan
Fort Augustus
Fort Augustus
Fort Augustus
Loch Ness
Loch Ness
Graceful – In and Around Fort Augustus
Eilean Donnan Castle – From the View Point
Eilean Donnan Castle – From the View Point
In and Around Eilean Donnan Castle
Kyle of Localsh
Kyle of Localsh
Kyle of Localsh
On the Isle of Skye – A Stormy Easter Sunday
On the Isle of Skye – A Stormy Easter Sunday
Exploring Skye
Exploring Skye
Exploring Skye
Exploring Skye
Exploring Skye
Exploring Skye
Portree – Isle of Skye
Portree – Isle of Skye
Portree – Isle of Skye
Portree – Isle of Skye
Portree – Isle of Skye
Isle of Skye
Isle of Skye
Isle of Skye
Isle of Skye
Isle of Skye
Isle of Skye
Isle of Skye
Isle of Skye
Isle of Skye
Isle of Skye
Isle of Skye
Inverness Cathedral
Inverness Cathedral
River Garry
Descending towards Edinburgh from Skye
The New Bridge – Queensferry Crossing
Towards Edinburgh
The New Bridge – Queensferry Crossing

Musically, yes.

I have never been a big fan of musicals. In fact, it ranks the lowest in the list of my preferred genre. But, it would be a shame if I didn’t relive the era of the original Broadway musical.

It’s the old wine in a new bottle, if I have to put it down simply. But the way it was presented to the pandemic hit audience was exhilarating. Yes, I have never communicated with people, musically that is. But the very advent of doing so has been nothing short of a youthful roller coaster for a diaspora of emotionally hungry audience.

It does make a difference when it comes from a Master like Spielberg. I have never associated him with musicals in the last 3 decades but this film is testimony to the fact that his legend precedes his reputation as one of the most maverick filmmakers produced in the last 50 years. And, the magical touch has not waned away – though my appetite for his films remains largely fluid and unfulfilled.

Such films will keep Cinema alive – for the sheer capacity to reinvent and remain relevant in terrible times of such abomination for the big screen.


To beginnings..

If something has begun, it doesn’t mean that something else has ended. Perhaps, this one never started. It was lying unaccomplished somewhere in the realms of time and embracing oblivion. Now, time has unleashed itself.

Strings attached to the past will have a legacy but it cannot become your destiny. The past helps you to improve your present and create your own further. Well, at least try to. I have nothing against destiny but if everything was destined to happen and we are mere spectators, then we have lost the very purpose of life and the reason to live – To evolve. And , to do so is a continuous process. This process has no limits. It is not time bound, but it is bound by your resilience and the attitude to survive in mayhem.

I am celebrating a beginning, not to forget the past but to cherish the future that I am about to create for myself and others. After all, success in your life has invaluable contributors who can shape or un-shape your toying fortunes.


The Spiritual Residence

I am in no way, a spiritual geek. In fact, quite the opposite. I am the usual, run of the mill, selfish individual who goes running to God for petty petitions and wonders to happen that might change your life. Not that I don’t work hard, but human beings do have this beautiful habit of reaching out to the Almighty in times of distress or an inexplicable tragedy.

But this place, in a remote village, has an appetite for pure devotion. It blows you away with it’s inherent quality to impress you and has a towering presence over mortals like us. Whenever I visit this place, I get this feeling that good things will happen to us. May be, it’s just the beginning before everything starts to make sense and falls in it’s inevitable place.

This time, it was a special reunion after a gap of few years and it was nothing short of being driven on an exquisitely divine highway.

🙏Venni Karumbeswarar🙏
🙏Pdari Amman🙏

Dilip Saab – Thespian and Artist

Widely acknowledged as one of the first and the finest method actor ever produced by India, Dilip Saab was more than an actor. An artist whose roles and characters have transcended borders and cultures, he remains an elusive and a celebrated icon of indian Cinema.

I have watched his classics, and no wonder they are timeless. Be it ‘Naya Daur’, ‘Madhumati’, ‘Andaz’ or the masterful ‘Mughal-e-Azam’, Dilip Saab’s versatility and natural abilities took iconic strides. Much after his glorious days, he did ‘Shakti’ in 1982 and he was pitted against the reigning Superstar, Mr Bachchan. As my dad aptly put it, it was a powerhouse performance and in those times, there weren’t many who could overshadow the mighty Bachchan. But then, Dilip Saab was made differently. Well, this is a fairly modern story when compared to his illustrious legacy but is a fair testimony to his greatness.

I will continue to watch your films, Dilip Saab. Artists like you don’t die, you just get transported to a different world and a better stage. Indian Cinema just got poorer and the loss is entirely ours. Adios, and thank you for the everlasting brand of pure cinema.



I think this aptly describes the current situation that we all are in.

Past few weeks have been tough and terrible. Death has never looked so ominous before, and every day is a life worth living for.

This Pandemic has to perish before we do. Yes, we are in no position to dictate terms as someone else is clearly in charge. But, hope is an equaliser. If it falters you, it also has the ability to redeem you.

Fight is not the key, resilience and prayers will deliver the impossible.


The Color Wheel

‘Relationships’ are emphatically ‘curiosity personified’. No wonder, after ages and centuries, the human clan is so obsessively clinging on to the mysteries of relationship blues. Yet, we don’t have answers but we have lots of questions.

Our relationships rely on the dynamics of each individual. There is no absolute mantra for successful relationships, but certain core values do place an emphasis on the development of a healthy relationship. Trust, obviously is the most important one. If I have to open up to an individual, then it is paramount to know if the other person deserves my openness. And, this process is mutual. I have observed that independently built individuals with a mind of their own will have a better relationship story, one who doesn’t get manipulated by intervention and is bold enough to make tough decisions in life. Yes, the struggles of the particular individual will be equally monumental but the results will be resolute and dependable.

If you are fragile, your relationships will also be equally fragile. You can’t expect a strong bond with an individual who is struggling to fight for self. Ego plays a crucial role in framing our relationships. A human being without ego is like an egg without the yolk, but the balance is very subtle and defining. And with our insecurities, ego is a faulty catalyst. When we fall for it, the consequences are usually terrible and disdainful.

Relationships also suffer due to our success and failure stories. Super successful people often have failed relationships because they don’t have time for anything else. Failures are a stepping stone in one’s life but it also means that relationships often take a backseat when conquering the world looks more promising. But the more significant question is – who defines success and failure in our life? And, do you really want to define it at the expense of something which is so priceless and vulnerable like our relationships?

‘The Color Wheel’ is streaming on MUBI and is watchable if you succeed in identifying yourself with those characters.


The Role of a Woman

The most complete human being in this world is a ‘Woman’. I think it is not a question of ‘why’, the more important question is ‘why not’.

‘Bhumika’ is a dazzling portrayal of a woman who despite all the talent and prowess, struggles in a world which is dominated by man and his patriarchal legacy.

It is a story of a woman who is trying to survive in a society which is so smeared and engulfed in male roots. Despite being a star and a celebrity, life is not a cakewalk for her. In fact, the subjugation and the preconceived notions towards a successful woman is perilous in its own way. In many ways, ‘Bhumika’ is way ahead of its time and feels so painfully relevant in 2021. Yes, the landscape of the world has changed but human mind still lurks behind in darkness and discrimination. In the process, she never finds true love, instead she is clobbering around in the arms of desire, which adds very little meaning to her adrift life.

Shyam Benegal’s mastery and Smita Patil’s audacity is a hallmark of this bio-classic. I can easily paint this as Benegal’s best but am just being careful as his other films tend to compete with each other.



You just know when things fall in place.

There are so many inevitable pieces that come together to form a shape of positivity when such indications prevail upon us.

Things start becoming white, the sky weeps with tears of hope and tranquility, and we submit to the rays of rejuvenation. You can say, it’s a human language that talks little and emits plenty.

Yes, I have come to believe that goodness is arriving early with a whiplash of healthy fortunes.


The Forgettable Year

One hell of a year it was! An agonisingly busy one, to say the least.

An unscrupulous virus ambushed the world, the planet came to a standstill as millions of lives were disrupted and our lives were never the same again.

The Pandemic has changed the dynamics of how this world operated. Today, we call it the post ‘Covid’ era. And, we are still reeling under the fatal consequences of the infamous virus. Human lives were lost, millions lost their jobs, economies faltered and in a way, our lives were tragically transformed in to bubbles, zones and tiers.

Usually, my year end report promises to be an interesting and curious fanfare. But, to my dismay, the virus did dominate the proceedings this year.

Yet, I am hopeful and remain optimistic. We are going to bring this virus down, and emerge stronger than ever before. As we speak, vaccines are getting rolled out and soon, we will see the end of what I would coin as ‘The Catastrophe of Modern Times.’

I am going to sign off with a short review, that looks behind the unfortunate scenes in 2020 and vows to look forward to a more encouraging and redeeming 2021. Reclamation will be the most difficult order of the forthcoming year but we, as human beings, will surpass and survive these painful moments.

In a way, we will never forget 2020!

The Forgettable Year – A Review

2021 – Teaser of Hope


Tenet – Incredibly Predictable

Sorry, Christopher Nolan! ‘Tenet’ was a visible disappointment. With or without COVID-19, I still think that the film would have bombed.

I am okay with the theme as such – a futuristic thriller that means business when it sets the ball rolling to save this world from a so called ‘Nuclear Holocaust’ with a relentless intelligence agent who despite all the vanity around, still believes that he is the elusive protagonist, and a distraught wife who is willing to go beyond the imaginable.

I am okay with personal vendetta being the object of focus but somewhere, the thin line between reality and excellence of technology gets super exposed. Midway, I started having doubts if I was indeed watching a Nolan film or one of those rehash flicks from a Michael Bay studio.

Still, it is watchable just once for having the tag of Christopher Nolan. But, I am keen to quickly move over and wait for better products to seep in.


Andha Naal – Classic Corner

A very early adaptation of crime and treason set in the backdrop of Second World War, Andha Naal (அந்த நாள்) was the first film noir in Tamil cinema.

Even though it is heavily inspired from Kurosawa’s acclaimed ‘Rashomon‘, it was a landmark film that has since achieved a cult status. Inspiring performances from the lead actors (Remember, the thespian was a relative newcomer then) sets this thriller apart, and is such a breather in today’s age of irrelevant and dead potboilers.

Must watch – streaming in MUBI, you might still get it on YouTube if you are wiling to compromise on quality. I wouldn’t!


Voice of God

I grew up listening to his maverick voice in the cassettes that Appa used to play in the vintage tape recorder that used to be our constant companion in those days. He used to hum the songs along with Rafi Saab’s inimitable flair and in turn, I used to hum them, along with Appa and Rafi Saab.

Thus began, a beautiful and a sublime relationship with a voice which was so near to God and yet felt so close to human feelings. In fact, Rafi’s voice has been a household name for 3 decades before my relationship with his voice could even reach a semblance of familiarity.

His influence on me as a vocalist and a musician is something which cannot be described in words. It is not that I don’t appreciate other singers. In fact, from Manna Dey to Arijit Singh, I found all of them special and gifted in their own ways. But, for me, Rafi Saab was always above the mainstream, in a different class, in a different hemisphere. His voice had magic in it and he had this ability to weave it on us with such profound impact that we were left reeling for his exploits as a playback singer.

From Bharat Bhushan to Guru Dutt, Dev Anand to Rajendra Kumar, Dilip Kumar to Shammi Kapoor. He was the quintessential mantra in framing the careers of these superstars.

Rafi’s voice was meant to redeem human emotions, and lend a meaning to every expression. Melancholy or joy, sorrow or happiness, celebration or tribute, anguish or glee, love or deceit – Rafi’s voice could effortlessly oscillate between myriad human tendencies with absolute elan. His, was perhaps, the voice that could get the dead to rise from the ashes and sing before perishing again in to oblivion.

Rafi Saab, Happy Birthday!


My Santa came in early..

This is happiness.

Watching him grow, watching him smile, watching him enjoy all those super little moments, which when beautifully summed up, is called Life.

We love you for making us smile, every day.

When life smiles at you..

Paradise is not far away

In these troubled and turbulent times, a tiny shred of hope is the most compelling tonic we could use.

I am always looking around for those sunshine spots, the silver lining in the most vulnerable places.

The days of respite and turn-around are not far away.

Hope is paramount. Trivial and Powerful.


Maradona – Genius and Rebel

The Football Player

Maradona was not just a football player, he was perhaps the most attractive and magnetic personality the game of football has ever seen.

Way back, for young kids like me, he was Football himself. He was one of the very few and rare players in the history of any sport who has enthralled millions across the world with his talent which was nothing short of absolute, sheer magic.

I would say, with his death, a part of our childhood has died. A generation will mourn as his death is a loss to everyone who has watched this wizard in action.

Yes, his health issues had a profound impact on his otherwise massively celebrated life as a footballer. Drugs, Alcohol and his reputation of being the bad boy of the sport eventually took its toll on his overall reputation. Some players are pure characters, they will just outshine everybody else on the field. Outside, they will be temperamental, abusive, laced with psychological issues. Rebellious, tainted and sunk in his own world, Maradona was never able to come out of his own destructive self, though we always ended up adoring him for what he was to us – A champion football player, a charismatic leader, precariously gifted and an awe inspiring sportsman.

Yes, the game will continue to produce greats but no one will ever come close to what Maradona was.

The game will miss you.

The Champion – World Cup, 1986

Remembering you..

Your legacy lives on..

Steve – the first iPod launch, the first iPhone launch, the first iPad launch.. I don’t think I can ever forget those iconic product launches. I am a big Apple user, perhaps I have and am using every single product that Apple has launched in the last 13 years. And, I continue to idolise you, appreciate and applaud your massive contribution that has singularly changed the face of technology in this world. You are my hero, and people like you cannot die.

All I can say is, I celebrate you every day, by using those incredible products that came out from your leadership and Apple.

Thank you!


Do we really celebrate Gandhi?

Many believe that he is not a Mahatma, a honorific bestowed upon him by the inimitable and peerless Rabindranath Tagore. Some, do consider him as an ambassador of peace, non violence and solidarity. World Leaders like Martin Luther King Jr. found an inspiration and a reason to live in Gandhi’s devout and adamant ideologies. Worldwide, he is acknowledged as the man who fought racism and extremism with unparalleled grit and determination. In India, opinions are largely divided and not unanimous, often debated and fused with history and politics.

For me, Gandhi was an epitome of audacity. His was a personality that we will see once in a hundred years. A life laden with challenges and obstacles, it wasn’t easy to be ‘Gandhi’. Yes, I would have loved to see the ‘Mahatma’ devoid of political vendetta (Congress was a monopoly then and hence, politics was ‘Congress’) and just be a man of virtue and equality, the qualities which he so strongly demonstrated in South Africa.

But, again, 1940s was a turbulent decade for India (in particular), largely encompassing the difficult shadows of the gruesome second world war and the subsequent culmination of countries to recollect themselves and develop an organised world. In such times, Gandhi also got embroiled in ugly discussions, nasty decisions and significantly, surrounded by politicians and not patriots. A regret, and perhaps his as well, was that he could stand tall against the mighty British Raj but could not convince his own countrymen to avoid the most inevitable debacle – Partition. Yes, we can sit and argue all day that the world would have been a better place without this divide, but, are we sure? We don’t know that, and again, whose decision finally got the nod, is also a subject of national speculation. Yes, he largely took the brunt for it and his obvious kindness to the minorities did not help his cause. All this and more, led to his assassination. But that was not the solution. Perhaps, it was the beginning.

An individual with a monumental stature as his, is bound to attract controversies and his life was no different. As much as his movements of Civil Disobedience and Non Violence were an example to the whole world, his subdued and cold reactions to the contributions of some of the finest freedom fighters in the country was a huge dampener. His acts of celibacy may have been revolutionary and ahead of its times, but they were torrentially criticised for coming from a man who was largely known to be the face of a country that was desperately trying to force its way out of colonial rule.

I think we are in no position to judge Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. But I admit that my admiration for him supersedes the apprehensions that do not cease to exist and appear to cloud the great man’s enigma.

Mahatma to the world, a father to a nation. For me, he will always be a phenomenon who surprised the world with his diminutive ways.


The Eternal Voice

If anyone across the globe has a fondness towards Tamil playback music and music in general, then SPB should be a regular feature in your playlist. Perhaps, the most versatile and mellifluous voice in the modern generation, his flair remains untouched and undisputed. Today, is a sad day. We have lost the voice.

This Pandemic has consumed lives aplenty and the wings of tragedy has swung so wide and so deep, that we are struggling to survive as people continue to die around us. When it’s one of us, it’s painful. When someone who has touched our lives in such a musical way dies, it brings sadness and void in the same space.

SPB’s dominance was phenomenal. With more than 40k+ songs in 16 languages, his indomitable presence in the last 35 years has been nothing but monumental. I cannot single out a soundtrack of his that wasn’t special but the ones that he churned out in the 80s and 90s will always remain in a league of its own.

SPB Sir, voices like your don’t die. They just become dormant and take a backseat to pass the mantle to the future.

You will live in our hearts, and so will your music 🙏🙏.


Can we ever unmask?

Masks have become the order of the day. Thanks to the impending dangers of the pandemic, the way we indulge in our daily chores and commitments has drastically and phenomenally changed. In fact, the way our mornings begin, the way we dress up to work (again that is hugely subjective since WFH has become the new way of working), meeting people, catching up after work, the usual banters – all the so called mundane, boring, inevitable tasks in our life has suddenly become gorgeously fascinating and transformative which has obviously reshaped the ergonomics of our torrential lives.

We need masks inside a shopping mall, grocery store, schools (my 4 year nephew wears a mask to his school and it looks so painful and discomforting for the little one), every other place which has the prospect of having people around requires a masked appearance.

A new business segment has started evolving for the retail industry. Masks might become the new fashion statement (I guess they already are), with people preferring to wear masks that suit their style and personality.

I, personally, struggle with these masks. Especially for someone like me who has his glasses on 24/7, I see it as another embarrassing component to an already disabled set up. I cannot breathe, and when I do breath, all the air that comes out settles down on my glasses, which makes my vision blurred and vulnerable. I guess we have to live with this agonising way of masked life for sometime in the near future.

The irony is, we all wanted to unmask and unravel many such mysterious and apprehensive tales that remains embedded in our lives for eternity, but never thought that physical masks will become such an integral part of mankind’s survival.

So be it.


How does this work?

We fight for intangible values in life. The most being, relationships.

We value relationships like gold, and it is also the most vulnerable aspect of the human DNA. Perhaps, the most powerful and fragile concept in human lives is ‘Relationship’.

A very simple term with complex overtures. It is simple because inherently, human beings adore relationships. But when it comes to sustenance, we fail. Well, sometimes we succeed too. But, most of the times, it’s a no go situation and we collapse like a pack of cards.

There is a reason for this collapse. We, human beings, fail to keep up on the most endearing and influential feature in a relationship – Trust.

We have a problem with ‘Trust’. Easy to take away, extremely difficult and almost impossible to reciprocate. We have a problem confiding in people. People who care for us, sometimes go beyond themselves to bail us out of trouble. But, most of it remains unacknowledged. Reason is that we are also poor communicators and reciprocators. An art which the human clan has still not mastered, remains to be seen if this will ever become an accomplishment for our race. Yet, we want others to confide in us, be transparent and become the elusive character that I could never be. Irony!

I admit that believing in relationships, believing that goodness does exist and believing that good, genuine people still live amongst us is a difficult proposition. But, we do exist, we do smile and we are able to cherish moments because we still have beautiful people around us, who give meaning to our lives. Though, quality does matter. 2 good, genuine, authentic human beings as friends are way better than 2345 facebook friends with zero emotional quotient. Virtual disaster!

Our flaw lies in the perennial quest for perfection. We must understand and conceive the concept of imperfect-ness in human beings, and more significantly, in our relationships. Our relationships fail because we either have outlandish expectations or inferior subjugation to the very concept of human bonding. Every relationship has boundaries, and mark my words, it does. You just have to know when and how the bondage of emotions turns in to a fireball of love and fermentation.

We can make our relationships work, but lets be very clear about the caveats here. You can’t be your best for every soul on this planet earth and not everyone around has an obligation towards you. Hence, the thin line of difference between mutual and being distinctive defines the mortal truth.

Realities are very different from what we hear or perceive. Your instincts are the key, and at times, they are the only ones that saves your skin from the peerless wrath of the sun.

Just hold on, and you might have just survived the greatest relationship jolt in your life. Sooner, the better.

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