Agneepath (2012): When the legend met his nemesis..

In the 90s, Vijay Dinanath Chauhan epitomised the fallacy of a celebrated gangster. It was touted as THE film of the Shahenshah and famously earned him the national award for an iconic performance. 21 odd years and we have Kancha Cheena rocking Mandwa with his ubiquitous aura. Rauf Lala becomes an aid for Vijay toContinue reading “Agneepath (2012): When the legend met his nemesis..”

Souvenirs from the lasting braces..

# The first day of 2012 was just another day, and not surprisingly, the ones that followed suit replicated the former. Phew! It’s so agonisingly hard to believe that things would venom upon its itself and alter to take a shape of fervour goodness. I trust and always have, that I, as human, cannot remainContinue reading “Souvenirs from the lasting braces..”

Is adequacy a deterrent?

As events come to a close with 2011, I have been quite evasive in introspection (though it has never been a forte). Me, to remain as I, has been a conflict of sorts with battling aspirations. I am denying a dud of a 2011 but have my reservations to claim it as an accomplishing one.Continue reading “Is adequacy a deterrent?”