Is adequacy a deterrent?

As events come to a close with 2011, I have been quite evasive in introspection (though it has never been a forte). Me, to remain as I, has been a conflict of sorts with battling aspirations.

I am denying a dud of a 2011 but have my reservations to claim it as an accomplishing one. Fighting yourself is a greater challenge than fighting tangible components of physical influences. Your capabilities slew away from your inhibitions to confront questions of meagre yet astounding nature. Few, I answered. Few, I am struggling to. Many, I cease to avoid with timid corners.

With all the cordial occurrence in close quarters, I got to know myself better. I suffer from self inflicted supreme chaotic syndrome, and honestly, bear this possession with titanic pride. Moreover, realised that PPP (patience, perseverance, potent) have become my ferocious allies with seldom prick. I battle, get down, again battle, fend but not brood (I am guilty of not acquiring this attribute in it’s infancy) and decide to have faith in abilities with the right compass.

As 2011 eclipses and 2012 surfaces unsurmountable desires, I prepare to get myself equipped with instincts of my own.

As I enter the memphis amidst self, I take the onus on me to wish all my readers, a courageous and phantom 2012!

Published by lifeoholic

Flamboyance meets me, and I could be contagiously luring. It kind of comes off in my writing, as my stories of passion and indulgence unfold.

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