Espionage – The Dark World

In a world of civilians and goodness, the ‘spy’ profession is one world where insanity looms large. It’s a world of perennial darkness and betrayal, and to survive is in itself, a test to surpass armageddon. Unlike in popular culture and thanks to the advent of films like 007 and Mission Impossible, this isn’t aContinue reading “Espionage – The Dark World”

The Shining

In darkness, I see light. A few minutes earlier, this view was quite different. Eclipsed by some clouds, not willing to show up, perhaps happy to take a backseat and run the show nevertheless. But then the landscape changed. There were flashes, and then it was showtime. Out there on the top, looking supremely gorgeousContinue reading “The Shining”


There is a significance to the enigmatic concept of ‘Fireball’. All the anger rolled out in a cushion ball and intended to target hostility with persuasive aggression while at the same time, conveying the message of pain and perseverance with a pinch of frustration and audacity. Looks attractive from the outside, burns inside with fury.Continue reading “Fireball”