second coming..

“life isn’t your bane, you are!” This isn’t a typical comeback, but then with plausible child monotony, this could be a turnaround. Or, may be, it does act as a litmus test. Nevertheless, does with darned fortunes. I am in joy with the city that possibly, and inevitably, made me. I am a believer inContinue reading “second coming..”

Blockbuster Review: Viswaroopam (Tamil Film) – Gallant Gusto!

To begin with, let’s get the dialogue right. Q: Was it worth the hoopla? A: No. Pertinence of few hopelessly wounded individuals lay squashed beneath. Q: Did it have enough to be termed as the ‘Blockbuster’? A: To a large extent, yes. Except the narration (in the second half) that could have been crispier andContinue reading “Blockbuster Review: Viswaroopam (Tamil Film) – Gallant Gusto!”

Blockbuster Review: Kadal (Tamil Film) – Waterplay!

It’s not the typical Mani classic, neither would it fall in the lap of a run-of-a-mill commercial bolt. It plunges in to a zone that’s spurred by moments of brilliance and has Mani’s baton in patches of singing waves. I have stated for sometime now and I continue to echo. Filmmakers make, create, introspect, visualiseContinue reading “Blockbuster Review: Kadal (Tamil Film) – Waterplay!”