Andha Naal – Classic Corner

A very early adaptation of crime and treason set in the backdrop of Second World War, Andha Naal (அந்த நாள்) was the first film noir in Tamil cinema. Even though it is heavily inspired from Kurosawa’s acclaimed ‘Rashomon‘, it was a landmark film that has since achieved a cult status. Inspiring performances from the leadContinue reading “Andha Naal – Classic Corner”

Blockbuster Review: Viswaroopam (Tamil Film) – Gallant Gusto!

To begin with, let’s get the dialogue right. Q: Was it worth the hoopla? A: No. Pertinence of few hopelessly wounded individuals lay squashed beneath. Q: Did it have enough to be termed as the ‘Blockbuster’? A: To a large extent, yes. Except the narration (in the second half) that could have been crispier andContinue reading “Blockbuster Review: Viswaroopam (Tamil Film) – Gallant Gusto!”

Mayakkam Enna (Tamil Film): Gutsy and Glorious Few!

If human relationships could be bracketed under mystic wraps, then I would be the most prominent protagonist to breathe life with pretentious fame. ‘Mayakkam Enna’ is one such tantalising epic that miscodes and quotes life in phonetic modes. A great ‘hounds and fur’ portrayal of versatile characters in situations of despicable abyss, ME enthrals mostContinue reading “Mayakkam Enna (Tamil Film): Gutsy and Glorious Few!”