filming and feeling real

Notting Hill is one of the most sublime and exuberant love stories of our times. Truly, isn’t it? Well, I watched it years back but watching it again and again isn’t a crime. Think about this, you falling in love with an actress who comes to purchase a book from the most boring book shopContinue reading “filming and feeling real”

Best of Me

‘Am I the best’ is a question I often ask myself. Brutally, the answer is yes. Confidence, yes. Arrogance, no. Well, a bit of it actually. ‘Best’ is usually the most used and most abusively used word around. Gives you this feeling of anonymity in the vicinity of giants twittering around the epicenter. Yes, IContinue reading “Best of Me”

Neighbourhood Dhaba

The news of ‘The Dhaba’ in Ballygunge Phari closing down came as a shocker to us. I really felt an era has come to an end. We used to live in Ballygunge Circular Road in the 90s and we visited the Dhaba quite regularly. It was our favourite neighbourhood Dhaba. As kids, I remember pouncingContinue reading “Neighbourhood Dhaba”

Fan – I ain’t one

My apprehension turns in to an insomniac, ballistic version when I talk about SRK films. But ‘Fan’ is a different experience altogether. It brings together a gamut of emotions that sway across as I watched the film – the newcomer, the emerging star, the human being, the superstar, King Khan. Well, yes. Life does comeContinue reading “Fan – I ain’t one”