Best of Me

‘Am I the best’ is a question I often ask myself.
Brutally, the answer is yes. Confidence, yes. Arrogance, no. Well, a bit of it actually.
‘Best’ is usually the most used and most abusively used word around.
Gives you this feeling of anonymity in the vicinity of giants twittering around the epicenter.
Yes, I am the best.

What indeed is the best of you? You the human being, you the professional, you the conscious dweller or you the outsider in a world of conniving emotions?
Yes, the best in you is a segmented potion of your bilingual buckets. You live in each of them, in moods and shapes.
People around you see the segments in you, they don’t see you. They will never see you unless you show the face of it. But is it that important? Is that a milestone?
You are the biggest asset in your life because you believe you are. Yes, tell this to yourself, everyday, every time. People who want to see you, they get to see you. Not outside but within. You are visibly hidden and secretly adrift.

We are impostors of our own self. We decide to have different personalities in various spheres of our society. Yes, it demands so.
No, not pretentious but the ability to not showcase the real you to all is a skill. You don’t inherit but you develop the nuances of it as you grow.
Growth. Yes, we want to grow but sometimes, growth needs to be refined to understand the science of evolving.

Are we predators? No. Second thoughts, yes.
Predators of a different kind. We are intellectual predators.
We hunt opportunities, search avenues, build relationships and develop a clan within enhanced parameters of our dimensions. Parameters change, but evolution doesn’t.
Yes, I am the best.

Conquer others? No. Rulers conquer, leaders become examples by practice.
Gather respect? Yes, a gradual process though as intangibles consume time and ability.
Buy love? Yes, not platonic but through mutual understanding and admiration for each other.
Excel? Yes, but not on the rampage.

Yes, I am the best.

Published by lifeoholic

Flamboyance meets me, and I could be contagiously luring. It kind of comes off in my writing, as my stories of passion and indulgence unfold.

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