Paan Singh Tomar: Glory that lost the verdict..

7 time steeplechase National Champion, sole representation of the country in 1958 Tokyo Asian games and the winner in 1967 International Defence Meet. Paan Singh who?? I am sorry but pages of history don’t speak and we by our own confessions, have the inimitable ability to ignore, forget and most importantly, never augment the commencementContinue reading “Paan Singh Tomar: Glory that lost the verdict..”

Arth – Mahesh Bhatt: Retro Marvel!

There are filmmaker’s who make films. And then, we have filmmakers who churn epics. They resonate and come back to us with a trace of fervour. ‘Arth’ is such a product of pandemonium class. Mahesh Bhatt ranks amongst the country’s finest minds and this probably was his most honest trade. Human relationships have always intriguedContinue reading “Arth – Mahesh Bhatt: Retro Marvel!”