The Excerpt

A straight answer will disappoint you, hence I will give you an introduction that might just trigger the curiosity to connect!

I am as cross cultural and bilingual as you can get, with a pinch of energy, passion and love in everything I do – be it my family, work or other prospective, persuasive endeavors of mine. To say the least.

I have been a blogger for almost 13 years, and surprisingly, I have 18 years of experience in IT and Program Management. Yes, not that both (the former being blogging 😎) collaborate seamlessly, but I have managed to keep my guns blazing, to stay alive, and to stay afloat.

I am an outspoken and outlandish individual with a mind of my own. I love people, I love technology, I love learning. But the most staggering lesson of all that life has taught me, is to be who I am. My attitude is my forte, and a way of life. I love my decisions in life, and fight hard to back them, to make them work. I don’t believe in regrets, they look minuscule, primitive and irrelevant in the tide of time.

I am blessed to have good people around me, and I derive my inspiration from the people around me. My parents are my real life saviours and I feel very small when I look at what they have achieved and how. I am what I am because of what they made out of me, and any kind of a glorious acknowledgement is and will never be enough. My wife is a beautiful human being, and she keeps me grounded, when I am overtly ambitious and excessively desirable (at times, it does happen!). My son has changed me as a person, as a human being. Being a parent is a difficult and consuming job, and to be a father is a greater responsibility to completely relive yourself. I am learning, and still have a long way to go.

My inspirations, my instincts, my ‘mojo’ – all this and more shows up in my writing. I love talking and writing about Cinema, Music, Sports, History, Culture. and Photography. I love stories, I love writing stories that could elevate your lives to a different dimension and change the way you think. Sometimes, what you know is never enough and what you don’t know is so much that it defines your very existence in a way that could be repulsive, attractive and path breaking in a sense of capsulated empowerment.

When I met peace!

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