Water of Leith, Edinburgh

❤️👉🏻 Easter Weekend @ Aberdeen, Apr 2023❤️

A beautiful Sunday! Though it was a sublime afternoon, for me it was the beginning of a preview. The past few days have been a bit of a roller coaster ride (in a precariously positive way). Stepping stones or the end of sunset, I am bracing myself for turbulence and opportunity.

Happy Birthday, Sarvesh ❤️

Birthday Bash

Photos, P 2/3 LPS, Review (Video Clip)

Newhaven, Edinburgh

2022 was a much much better space to be in. Peace, a pandemic free life (well, almost!), acknowledgement and professionalism at work, quality time with family and most importantly, the desire to believe that our dreams will indeed come true.

Bring on 2023, and let’s put our resilience to test.

Best wishes from the family, to yours.

2022 – Glimpses

“Watching him grow is the most beautiful part of our life. His sweet voice, the soft sugar laden words, his ability to charm us with almost anything, the questions he asks, the responses that has innocence written all over it and his smile which blows us away, every day is spent learning how to love him. And this feeling, is perhaps the most magical moment that describes the life of a parent”.

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