The ‘Apple’ that was..

Legends leave a legacy that’s easy to revere but difficult to cherish without embracing tussles of the highest order. Steven P Jobs was an outstanding entrepreneur who lived and graced life in his own terms. More than self, Apple Inc. and it’s meteoric rise to the número uno slot was testimony to his mercurial genius.Continue reading “The ‘Apple’ that was..”

The ‘Yahoo’ man is no more..

He wasn’t the ultimate legend like Amitabh Bacchan, neither was he a pioneer superstar like Rajesh Khanna. He isn’t a Dilip Saab either. He was a pale shadow underneath the aura of his elder brother and showman, Raj Kapoor. But, by all means, Shammi Kapoor was one of the charismatic celebrities that graced the silverContinue reading “The ‘Yahoo’ man is no more..”

Naukadubi (Bengali): Sinking sublime!

Tagore’s illustrious works are magnificent manifestations of vindicated human encore. We famously get acquainted to those components in our daily lives as ‘Relationships’. ‘Naukadubi’ is yet another marvel from the basket of the renowned master. Rituporno’s works usually fascinate me for his treatment of characters that sink like butter in a soaked Italian loaf; Ramesh,Continue reading “Naukadubi (Bengali): Sinking sublime!”

Bhindi Bazaar Inc.: Stigmatic evolution!

If lust, deceit, conspiracy and the hunger to destroy self become the bane of human continent, then presentations such as BBI would rule the roost with grace. BBI is not one of it’s kind, but certainly elevates in terms of the treatment of the content and a slick screenplay amidst predator like vicinity. The conceptContinue reading “Bhindi Bazaar Inc.: Stigmatic evolution!”