Bhindi Bazaar Inc.: Stigmatic evolution!

If lust, deceit, conspiracy and the hunger to destroy self become the bane of human continent, then presentations such as BBI would rule the roost with grace.

BBI is not one of it’s kind, but certainly elevates in terms of the treatment of the content and a slick screenplay amidst predator like vicinity.

The concept is taken from various gangster films of addictive persona and a la RGV like framework cannot be disregarded; nevertheless, there is an intrinsic charm that kept me alive and meander to figure out the collages.

I loved ‘Mamu’s’ portrayal; the newcomers have hatched on to their roles like beehives and do justice. Cameos are always an integral widget of such thematic ventures and this one has them in plenty. Rest falls in place to fill up the usual ingredients: Satta, Badshah aur Badshaahat, infidelity and packet sizzlers of sexual add ons keep doing the rounds to compete with each other.

The outcome has always been the cynosure in such films; the ending was conducive to my thought process and loved the way of stitching the KK Menon sequences with the entire gamut of players bought in with a flair of admonishing charm.

Bhindi Bazaar is valued enough to give it an affordable miss but you can watch it for the classic syndrome attached to it’s overlay at entirety.

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