when bliss is around

Your open eyes is my moist yolk, Your sleep is the deepest wait of my life. I wait, I wait, just waiting is my job in hand, You open your eyes, and life redeems me. Inside the womb, your kick was a myth, You came out and your slimy smile makes me go bonkers. YouContinue reading “when bliss is around”

A Father’s Note

  Holding your just born son in your hands is a feeling beyond describable words. For a change, I have run out of ammunition as the newly born has swept me off my feet and I don’t feel the earth beneath me. The moments when we saw each other – yes, you can argue thatContinue reading “A Father’s Note”


There’s always this buzz about New York, London, Mumbai. Quietly, Calcutta figures amongst the noisiest and one of the most populous ones. Not revered but neither forgotten. Intrigued but not astonished, I have not seen vehicular traffic in Calcutta getting diminished by the travesties our trans-infra change. With some overwhelming overdrives that have graced theContinue reading “traffic”

daunting is life

Man with all his capacity and victorious zeal, is found susceptible at the gamut of endings. Skill remains unwanted, money is relinquished in the wake of the alarm that steals the thunder, Forget what’s there, find a way to live. Busy in our selfish encore, a sudden thud reminds us to be human. When allContinue reading “daunting is life”

Blockbuster Review: Wazir (Hindi)

Vidhu Vinod Chopra hasn’t directed for a while now, his last release was Eklavya (hush hush, lets not talk about Broken Horses here). I haven’t watched Bejoy Nambiar’s ‘David’ though word of mouth was encouraging. Abhijiat Joshi is our ‘3 idiots and PK’ pen master, hence his involvement does invoke restless expectations. To top it,Continue reading “Blockbuster Review: Wazir (Hindi)”