the glimmer tale

Sometimes, you just have to stand up, look around and weee! It’s there, it’s always been there. I have been lazy enough to ignore it and it has in turn been a wierdo, staying discreet. Brightness is to be seen, energized and rejuvenated. I know, it’s always around lest I decide to keep myself deprived.   

when bliss is around

Your open eyes is my moist yolk, Your sleep is the deepest wait of my life. I wait, I wait, just waiting is my job in hand, You open your eyes, and life redeems me. Inside the womb, your kick was a myth, You came out and your slimy smile makes me go bonkers. YouContinue reading “when bliss is around”

the 2015 that was..

Technically, we are still there. So hold on, but then, for how long? Its been a while since we keep talking about what went wrong, what didn’t go well, how people deceived you, how nature’s wrath upon you was so unwarranted, why your employer doesn’t pay you well, why the world has turned so cruel..Continue reading “the 2015 that was..”

Condiment of life

You don’t have to be married for 10 years to say huh! and 40 to claim immortality. I think its purely a derivative business. the more you get in to the thick of your relationships, the less you think about sustaining them. No, this isn’t about raving marriage. Its about unravelling your insides to seeContinue reading “Condiment of life”