Ravanan (Tamil Film) – A strong metaphor with finesse

I tend to exude towering expectations from Mani Ratnam, the maverick filmmaker and a phenomenal producer of acute congestive brains. ‘Ravanan’ lacks the usual punch of the master but still is a class act. The staggering curiosity slowly waned away and honestly, it is probably the slowest starter of all MR films that I haveContinue reading “Ravanan (Tamil Film) – A strong metaphor with finesse”

Raajneeti – A political saga sucked in to the realm of show business

Have you ever witnessed drama at the pinnacle of silver screen? If your answer is ‘No’, then ‘Raajneeti’ will fulfill your desire with aplomb. The crux of the story evolves from ‘The Mahabharata’. And why not? ‘The Mahabharata’ is unarguably one of the greatest political potboilers that has ever surfaced in the face of planetContinue reading “Raajneeti – A political saga sucked in to the realm of show business”