The Color Wheel

‘Relationships’ are emphatically ‘curiosity personified’. No wonder, after ages and centuries, the human clan is so obsessively clinging on to the mysteries of relationship blues. Yet, we don’t have answers but we have lots of questions. Our relationships rely on the dynamics of each individual. There is no absolute mantra for successful relationships, but certainContinue reading “The Color Wheel”


Yes. Consumed. Period. Inflammable isn’t an attribute, it’s a way of getting burnt.  Hopes. Turmoil. Not over but begun. Ah, just yet. Travel fascinates me, engulfs life over its normalcy and catapults mortals to a perceived cubicle of succumbing dreams. Yes, am fulfilled. Yes, I dream. Yes, I dare. Yes, started. Phases co exist, precludingContinue reading “Plenty.”