The Color Wheel

‘Relationships’ are emphatically ‘curiosity personified’. No wonder, after ages and centuries, the human clan is so obsessively clinging on to the mysteries of relationship blues. Yet, we don’t have answers but we have lots of questions.

Our relationships rely on the dynamics of each individual. There is no absolute mantra for successful relationships, but certain core values do place an emphasis on the development of a healthy relationship. Trust, obviously is the most important one. If I have to open up to an individual, then it is paramount to know if the other person deserves my openness. And, this process is mutual. I have observed that independently built individuals with a mind of their own will have a better relationship story, one who doesn’t get manipulated by intervention and is bold enough to make tough decisions in life. Yes, the struggles of the particular individual will be equally monumental but the results will be resolute and dependable.

If you are fragile, your relationships will also be equally fragile. You can’t expect a strong bond with an individual who is struggling to fight for self. Ego plays a crucial role in framing our relationships. A human being without ego is like an egg without the yolk, but the balance is very subtle and defining. And with our insecurities, ego is a faulty catalyst. When we fall for it, the consequences are usually terrible and disdainful.

Relationships also suffer due to our success and failure stories. Super successful people often have failed relationships because they don’t have time for anything else. Failures are a stepping stone in one’s life but it also means that relationships often take a backseat when conquering the world looks more promising. But the more significant question is – who defines success and failure in our life? And, do you really want to define it at the expense of something which is so priceless and vulnerable like our relationships?

‘The Color Wheel’ is streaming on MUBI and is watchable if you succeed in identifying yourself with those characters.

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Flamboyance meets me, and I could be contagiously luring. It kind of comes off in my writing, as my stories of passion and indulgence unfold.

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