The Role of a Woman

The most complete human being in this world is a ‘Woman’. I think it is not a question of ‘why’, the more important question is ‘why not’.

‘Bhumika’ is a dazzling portrayal of a woman who despite all the talent and prowess, struggles in a world which is dominated by man and his patriarchal legacy.

It is a story of a woman who is trying to survive in a society which is so smeared and engulfed in male roots. Despite being a star and a celebrity, life is not a cakewalk for her. In fact, the subjugation and the preconceived notions towards a successful woman is perilous in its own way. In many ways, ‘Bhumika’ is way ahead of its time and feels so painfully relevant in 2021. Yes, the landscape of the world has changed but human mind still lurks behind in darkness and discrimination. In the process, she never finds true love, instead she is clobbering around in the arms of desire, which adds very little meaning to her adrift life.

Shyam Benegal’s mastery and Smita Patil’s audacity is a hallmark of this bio-classic. I can easily paint this as Benegal’s best but am just being careful as his other films tend to compete with each other.

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