Dilip Saab – Thespian and Artist

Widely acknowledged as one of the first and the finest method actor ever produced by India, Dilip Saab was more than an actor. An artist whose roles and characters have transcended borders and cultures, he remains an elusive and a celebrated icon of indian Cinema.

I have watched his classics, and no wonder they are timeless. Be it ‘Naya Daur’, ‘Madhumati’, ‘Andaz’ or the masterful ‘Mughal-e-Azam’, Dilip Saab’s versatility and natural abilities took iconic strides. Much after his glorious days, he did ‘Shakti’ in 1982 and he was pitted against the reigning Superstar, Mr Bachchan. As my dad aptly put it, it was a powerhouse performance and in those times, there weren’t many who could overshadow the mighty Bachchan. But then, Dilip Saab was made differently. Well, this is a fairly modern story when compared to his illustrious legacy but is a fair testimony to his greatness.

I will continue to watch your films, Dilip Saab. Artists like you don’t die, you just get transported to a different world and a better stage. Indian Cinema just got poorer and the loss is entirely ours. Adios, and thank you for the everlasting brand of pure cinema.

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