why have we made such a fuss about a mere cricket player who is just about 5 feet above the ground level, has endorsements to his name just like any other superstar celebrity world over would and tweet our heart out on his every morning siesta lasting till end of night?

well, if the cricketer in question is Sachin, then he is a far cry from our usual cricketers that hog the limelight and get swayed off it. Sheer tenacity to last and bat since 1989, plunder runs in every cricket ground of the world, carrying monumental aspirations of a nation that goes insane over cricketing overhauls and a career that has always been under the scanner for every move he makes (on and off the field), he remains our legend of a fairy tale.

for a while, lets not talk about his on field aura, for now that is. he makes news if he tows, sneezes and gulps. his personal preferences become national gimmicks. his stature provokes a coaxial movement that forces the constitution to enhance a mandate and a rival cricketing continent endows their most coveted prize upon him.

well, the story has just begun. almost re-written every batting milestone, 70% of Indian victories during 1995-2010 had his proverbial knocks of extreme bliss, his ton would hand over an Indian victory 6 out of 10 times. 55% of his tons have come on foreign soil and has given us a win-lose ratio of 4:6. we don’t keep a count of his MOMs any more and he has scored more world cup runs than anyone else who has played Cricket in this planet. comparisons with ‘The Don’ and his failure to become the most wanted leader that India kept searching in him ran in tandem veins. yet, he remains a symbol of solidarity. for the ‘Country’ and ‘Cricket’.

phew, yet his career remains scrutinized. now we ask for his head, demand him to hang up his boots as few of his shots in the (in)ceremonious IPL can give any youngster a run for his moolah!

As someone rightly stated – “legends are not born, they come screeching out of the womb with a stick in hand to rule the world and hit themselves when they are down, a-la phoenix act.”

Glad, you are 40! you deem to become wiser and one step ahead in embracing immortality.

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Flamboyance meets me, and I could be contagiously luring. It kind of comes off in my writing, as my stories of passion and indulgence unfold.

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