You bet, and go to jail..

Inquisitive. My take on the entire episode of the ubiquitous betting and fixing scandal notwithstanding, the buzz around makes it all so frivolous.

Way back, when the game of Cricket remained embellished in the hands of pure and fine gentleman called cricket players, a storm surfaced that threatened to uproot the face of dignity. Yet, we weathered it despite ignominy and loss of human pedigree.

What hits back is our system that belts a culture within itself. We are bondage to our own walls, and every time we confront such ugly delegations, our menace disputes us. Hapless administrators, the heads who roll than they rule and individuals who become an inevitable part of any calamity – I have only seen shame and money that takes over values in a country ruled by judicial captivity.

Can we curb human desires? If yes, how? The per capita earning doesn’t matter as greed knows no barriers and is beyond BPL concept. Cricket suffered and when we found ample justifications to invite such buoyancy, IPL disseminated our monetary inhibitions. I am afraid, it was lull before the next.

Today, investigations galore but not sure if revelations will change the system and its adequacy of perpetuating greed. Yes, greed. Insatiable human facets don’t have dimensions, they are parasites – treat them before they become immune.

I hear that we are disgusted. Well, I see it continuing lest we nab a solution to stop this impending mess. Big names and powerful people become willing victims, not sure if common man escapes mediocrity.

More to come and we will have reasons to get stunned. Impoverished intentions can’t demean a century old game but it certainly takes the sheen off it.

Well, not unless you care and our strength to commercialise every vertical continues to spell doom.

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