The soccer pinnacle at it’s invigorating best..

The triumph becomes an alluring aspect of the extraordinaire when the protagonists live up to the expectations of the underdogs.

The recently concluded ‘FIFA World Cup 2010’ had all those elements embedded in plenty. The Spanish juggernaut was irresistible as they impounded damage on the so called ‘indispensable’ to claim the title of world champions for the first time in history since the journey began way back in 1930.

The emotional content attached to a unanimous decision is imperative and the same was pretty much evident in this tourney of great battles; talent is not the only criteria that falls under the scanner of those lucrative eyes. The big stage is an epitome of perseverance, discipline and tenacity; the teams that showcase this quality consistently reach home with plenty to cheer.

A precarious introspection would tell you that legacy can never be taken for granted; a frivolous fanatic will always vouch for his team minus nuances and without analyzing the pros and cons of the odds he is facing. That, for me, is phenomenal patriotism at its stupid best. Take a look at this edition of the world cup that just ended in the African continent; you will comprehend my statements with elan.

South American powerhouses sank without a trace; all they possessed in this tournament was loads of talent, immense potential and staggering hype. But when it boiled down to performance during those impeccable 90 minutes of excruciating pressure, they faltered. I, like most of those lurking behind to cheer their teams of pure quality in terms of legacy and superstars, had to bite the dust for obvious reasons. And, I realize that my dream was bound to be short-lived amidst those dazzling performers with imperious intentions.

The world cup once again raised those inevitable eyebrows towards the famous notion that on the hindsight, the world cup is a mere replication of the far more impressive players who slog it out in their high profile clubs for a huge ransom. And these statistics loom large when the overly stated teams with towering expectations fail to live up to the expectations of the critiques.

All vigorous statements notwithstanding, the universal appeal of the world cup cannot be disputed. What you do in those 30 grueling days of glitz and ecstasy could prove magical or a disaster; can catapult you to the ultimate stardom or get you submerged within the realms of compounding darkness.

The yardstick is there for all of us, to experience, cherish and get enthralled.

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