3 Idiots – VVC & Raju churn out another classic from their stable..

Once in 3-4 years, comes a movie which touches our heart, tinkers the strings of emotions within us and breezes through our minds as sheer poetry. ‘3 Idiots’ is one such flick. Vidhu and Raju come back together after the ‘Munnabhai’ series and their films have just one thing in common. They create magic on screen. And ‘3 idiots’ has that charm written all over it.

Raju comes with yet another heart warming script and the screenplay is just perfect. College euphoria, friendship, emotions, wacky humour, candy floss romance. They are all hallmark of a Rajkumar Hirani film and ‘3 Idiots’ is filled with these stuff in abundance. Above all, in a very uncanny fashion, it raises a strong yet meaningful question mark over the authenticity and essence of the ‘Education System’ in our country. Right from take one, the message is loud and clearsubstantiated with significant instances and timely humour. Nice to hear nicknames like ‘Millimeter’ doing the rounds, especially after ‘Munnabhai’ happened to all of us.
The film has it’s own share of blemishes but treatment of the subject and the presentation rules the roost here. The entire ‘Aal Izz Well’ syndrome, riding a scooter and entering the hospital with a half dead patient and the landlord’s servant-genius-proxy-engineering-romancing the director’s daughter concept is all so bewildering, yet cutely acceptable.
It’s Aamir all the way, who comes up with yet another spell binding performance but the supporting cast has been equally brilliant. Sharmaan and Madhavan have given commendable performances as his buddies and Kareena is at her vivacious best. Boman excels as usual in his lisping role and the character named ‘Chatur’ (Unfortunately I missed to get the actor’s name) has been impressively irritating.
In all, a blockbuster from the word ‘Go’, 3 idiots has already become the biggest hit of the year and arguably, the best of 2009. Significantly, Raju is one of the few filmmakers in contemporary cinema, who has achieved commercial and critical success with amazing consistency. 
"Aal Izz Well" :)..

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