Pitch in for ‘Pitches’..

The ‘Kotla‘ debacle has raised quite a few eyebrows on the infrastructure and the management of the regional centers, across India. On this occasion, the DDCA was found guilty and by all means, this does not augur well for the country’s reputation, who is all set to host the ‘World Cup’ in 2011.

The BCCI has universally been accused of resource tampering and the inflow of cash has not helped matters, surprisingly though. BCCI happens to be the richest cricketing body and one of the wealthiest sports institution of the world, and such a mishap in the international arena is simply not acceptable. Moreover, now the ball would be tossed, pounced, punched and bounced to various courts, to decide the accountability factor. I am certain that an individual cannot be held responsible for this event, but certainly, few heads would roll and frankly, they deserve it.
It has been an occasion of extreme ignominy for the nation, who proudly states that cricket is it’s religion and Delhi is evidently in news, for all the wrong reasons. While we wait for a verdict on this, I hope this serves as an alarm to raise the bar in every cricket ground of our country and we strive to prepare pitches, which would live up to the standards of international cricket.
I am being optimistic and have reasons to believe that it could be one-of-those-days syndrome. The sooner we resolve this, the better for us.

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