CPI(M) will never be the same again..

The demise of Jyoti Basu marked the end of an era. An era that witnessed some of the finest leaders this country has ever seen, and they were an embellishment to the fraternity of our political history.

For many, Mr Basu might already be a part of folkfore, but for me, he has always come across as a phenomenal force behind India’s Marxist revolution and how he has carved a niche for himself. To be honest, politics for me has always been confined to the awareness of knowing the names of the ‘Prime Minsiter’ and the ‘President’, I seldom have respected the existence of few unscruplous individuals in the so called business or responsibilty of running an entire nation. To be precise, I admire leaders, but detest politicians. Jyoti Basu might be an exception in my list.

Right from those days, when I was a student and a teenager, who grew up in the City of Joy, I have always garnered positive vibes about the man in question. He still remains an iconic figure in Bengal and Calcutta, and perhaps, all this ambience contributed to my notion that Mr. Basu might be one of those leaders, who really cared for the state and had the passion to fight for what he believed in. I would not be proficient enough to quote instances or statistics to justify, but the his aura has certainly had an impact on numerous youngsters like me. Today, when I read the obituaries and the tributes showered on the patriarch, I feel that I was not wrong. Here was one person who led from the front and sustain a major revolution in contemporary India.

His career path, however, has not been without blemishes. From his early days of struggle as a freedom fighter to the revival of Bengal and then a lean patch till its rejuvenation, it has been a fascinating tale of dedication, sacrifice and perseverance. He had his own share of failures and disappointments, but then, who doesn’t..??

We are in dire need of leaders like him, who have the heart and the zest to execute what they believe in. I hope he leaves a legacy behind, which would be an inspiration to produce personalities of such calibre to the future generations.

Hail Comrade!

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