Avatar – A Series of Bizarre Occurrences..

Avatar for me was an extravaganza of superlative visual graphics and mind boggling execution of 3D technology. And with that, I am done commenting about all the good things about this multi million blockbuster.

Let me make myself very clear that fantasy has never excited me, probably I am too much in to the fraternity of realism and method cinema. Some commercial flicks do entertain me and I am fond of sci-fi thrillers, but this one was a bit too much for me. The entire episode of experimentation and belligerent entry in to the world of the ‘Pandora’ clan was fascinating, but not convincing. What unfolds after a dull beginning is the dramatics of the entire gamut of human desires, emotions and sacrifice. I admit, some of the action sequences were legendary and the 3D glasses did a world of good to all of us. But I still could not figure out what was happening.. At a given point of time, I started wondering if I was watching a pedestrian ‘Bollywood’ commercial potboiler. I also felt that it was a bit dragging in bits and pieces.
I know that most of you, after reading my review, would be cursing me for disliking one of greatest blockbusters in box office history. Certainly, it is. But I probably don’t belong to this genre of filmmaking and Avatar (& James Cameron) proved this point with a big ‘Y’.

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