Rann – Intensity with Panache

I always watch RGV’s films with a sense of unpredictability. He is one of those few maverick filmmakers who can make an absolute gem one day and a disastrous dud on the next. Rann, fortunately, falls in the first category. And in the process, has ended up in creating a classic from his stable.

The very serious and sensitive battle of media, politicians and the middle men has been portrayed with an impeccable sense of responsibility and controlled aggression. The characters have shown discipline and have delivered their parts with conviction. It is not easy to make a film on a subject which is not only global, but equally invigorating, yet an enigma. More than the story, the treatment of the subject has been terrific (as is the case with most of RGV’s flicks).
Now, coming to the casting and technical aspects. Most of the cast is well etched but the biggest disappointment for me was Rajpal Yadav. He is a very talented actor, but off late, he has got in to the wrong side of the wall, I thought he was wasted in his role here, anybody could have done this, why him? I don’t think a film like Rann needs such characters to survive. Others are all their in frames and have done their job decently. Ritesh was restrained, Paresh Rawal was at his usual self and Sudeep was okay. The ladies of Rann were subdued (understandably) and though all of them looked ravishing, special mention for Neetu Chandra. It was nice to see Suchitra Krishnamoorthy on screen after a long time and Gul Panag was just about there. Mohnish Behl probably landed up on the role of his lifetime, and he comes up with a strong and arguably, the finest performance of his career. Last but never the least, I don’t think I have much to say about Mr. Big B. He was definitely towering above everybody else, and needless to say, comes up with yet another performance which could be touted as one of his most admirable. The last 30 minutes belonged to him and he proved why he is the Baap of bollywood.
In all, it was a film made with lot of sincerity and RGV is back after a series of not so impressive flicks. For me, Satya still remains RGV’s finest ever, but Rann is definitely up there with few others.

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