Memories that are immortal..

Like a bolt out of the blue, one of my best friends posted few pictures in facebook, which had attained legendary status years back and I had even forgotten that we had ever taken those snaps!! But man, it was simply invaluable to watch those days in pictures and I was simply taken aback..!!!

Omigosh!!!??? It was difficult to believe that it was me (my parents echoed my thoughts) in there and I am still wondering if that was ME..!!!!! Never knew that 11 years could take off that innocence from my personality and what has been replaced with now is merely a rejuvenated form of the earlier version, like a la ‘Avatar’.. :).
It was equally rejoicing to watch some of the cutest faces and it has really been a long time since I tried to recollect some of the celebrated faces of my teachers. Phew.. It’s really been a long time and time certainly flies like an ‘Iron Man’.
When I look back today, they were inarguably, one of the most enchanting and cherished moments of my life. No, school life was not the best part of our lives, they were the zenith of acquiring knowledge and the foundation for the enterprising future. I would have to admit that whatever little I have achieved in life, are the fruits of those eternal seeds that were sown around 15 years back. Our tormentors (Read: Teachers) our mentors, our guide and our nemesis too. There were few who were adorable but some were detested to the core. Yet, they were the actual and original superstars of my life and I owe it to all of them (Teachers, My Classmates, not-so likable mates and my best friends) for what I am today.
I wish those days could be a part of some of the inane yet significant vicious circles that engulf our daily lives. But I realize that it is a part of a clan that belongs to folklore. Emotional or touch nostalgic or a tsunami of sentiments, but I am very proud to take a look at those pictures today and understand the roots.
Thank you Navneet! You have just triggered a bludgeon of memories from the past, which is going to linger in my minds for the next few days. And I am definite that they would last much longer than anticipated.

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Flamboyance meets me, and I could be contagiously luring. It kind of comes off in my writing, as my stories of passion and indulgence unfold.

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