VTV – Usually, love stories are meant to be just like this..

VTV is a fine product from Gautam’s stable. I would not say that ‘I loved it’ but I liked the way the love story was scripted and portrayed. I still feel that it is a classic that fell short by a whisker. But all said and done, an exquisite attempt from the talented filmmaker.

The plot, the soundtrack and background score (ARR sizzles with ‘Hosana and ‘Aromale’), the casting coup (except Mr. Simbu), the few occasional thumping dialogues (‘Why do I love Jessi when there are so many other girls to fall for’ is one of them) which otherwise would have been considered as pedestrian are some of the finest points in this intense, yet light hearted romancing saga. Gautam has done a good job in restraining Simbu from his usual antics but I strongly felt that somebody else could have easily fitted the bill, which could have given this love story, a more powerful yet subtle touch. Trisha is ravishing and her costumes are a revelation. But undoubtedly, it is a Gautam film all the way and he should get the credit for it.
This flick is definitely not without flaws, but I believe that realistic love stories penned with poetic lines and a painful dose of the same medicine is suppose to be embedded with glitches, hence I would consider them as pardonable. Murmurs are that whoever watches VTV claims the story to be his own and it might be a exaggerating theory that is doing the rounds for the mockery classes, but I sincerely feel that any person who has fallen in love and was not able to turn his story in to a designer book with intended chapters would be able to associate himself to VTV. Please note that all legendary love stories are failures and this was probably, Gautam’s biggest inspiration. And I firmly believe that each one of us, at some point of our lives, would have fallen for a woman. I guess that’s incentive enough to take a glimpse at VTV.
For those who have fallen in love and enjoy the painful repercussions, please go and watch VTV.
‘Vinnai Thaandi Varuvaya’, may be not.

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