The Monarch Gets His Share of The Pie.. Finally..

He has belted every record with phenomenal ease and an effortless display of authentic batsmanship. Today, was no different. When Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar touched the 200 mark, we all witnessed history in Gwalior. The man possessed with almost every record in the cricketing fraternity (A triple century in tests and highest individual test score still eludes him), achieved this feat in an incredible fashion. Every shot of his was class and punctuated with all his favorite strokes in the book. The wagon wheel displayed the true picture, he was there everywhere. The Master eclipsed the long standing record (13 years) of Saeed Anwar (which was later equalled by Charles Coventry in 2009) and the great sigh of relief was evident. If someone could surpass it with style, it had to be him. And he delivered with a bang, which eventually sealed the series for India.

Sachin, as we all know, never displays his emotions explicitly. Even this monumental occasion could not invoke reactions out of the great man and the only gesture was his usual way of thanking god, raising both his hands and closing his eyes for few seconds, while the crowd went berserk.

I don’t think the ‘Guru’ of cricket will ever have disciples, simply because his exploits can never be emulated, superlatives are just not enough for the batting maestro.

Hail Tendulkar!

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