An experiment with life (Not an excerpt)..

If you closely look at the numerous causes for pandemonium around our lives, evidently all roads would lead to ‘Us‘. And we, the ‘humans’, god’s most superlative creature in this planet earth, strive to make things worse, with an outside and a rear perspective to design things in a personalized fashion. And, we are quite emphatic in declaring ourselves as the greatest risk takers this world has ever witnessed.

And, I am quite jubilant about this self confessed yet a dynamic fact of our self consumed and so called vivacious lives. By stating this phenomenon of human creed, please do not jump in to an inane conclusion to declare that I am a pessimist. No, by all means, I am one of the most vigorous optimists venturing around the vicinity. But, if you sit down for a while and think about the repercussions of human achievements, you will realize that I am talking sense, and with loads of reality stuck to it.

Agriculture, Industries, Space & Moon, Sports, Technological Masterfinds, Education, Medicine, Hospitality, Aviation; we have made rapid progress in every conglomerate mentioned here. And we would continue to make rapid strides in these fields and excel, but we would still struggle to find an answer to the most infamous yet intriguing syndrome of ‘Global Warming’. At the most we can find innovative precautionary measures to confront this disaster, but we all should realize that the aftermath is inevitable. And, it is unanimously encouraged, driven and compounded by human desires and the insatiable quality to invent at the expense of something which is natural and deep rooted.

Yet, man is the quintessential brain child behind god’s most ambitious projects in the planet. Moreover, humanity strives through the entire process of crucification to maintain the desired equilibrium, that is further ramified to maintain the ecological balance of our fraternity in a cordial fashion. Huh! Quite logical and sensible, though sounds insane to me..!!

But despite me pondering over these nuances of life, I hate to admit that I am an integral part of the same damn society that believes in mincing words when it matters most and fight over trivial issues for centuries. Talking about ‘sex’ is still considered to be taboo and we are repeatedly reminded about the exploits of our great generations (forefathers) that behold us for the next 100 years. Sounds absurd, doesn’t it..?? We would swear about our culture and still continue to relinquish ourselves from wanting to get acquainted about certain concepts, which actually make sense and attempt to inculcate common sense. Phew!! But you, me and everyone else are aware that common sense has never been that common. Rather, we have always ignored those facets of life that infuse commonness amongst this so called intelligent clan.

This talk will continue and I would always remain famished for such write ups that invoke human thought process and tinkle our nerves to decide better. For themselves, for others and for the fulfillment of the entire mankind.

Published by lifeoholic

Flamboyance meets me, and I could be contagiously luring. It kind of comes off in my writing, as my stories of passion and indulgence unfold.

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