Shutter Island – A thriller that will blow your brains off..!!

I always look forward to a Martin Scorsese film with loads of expectations and the prospect of witnessing a riveting drama at it’s best. And this thriller sweeps you away with a kind of raw yet subtle intensity, that has been a trademark in all Scorsese flicks.

The entire set up of the maverick institution treating criminally insane individuals and the invigorating facts surrounding the entire island is very well etched. The characters are all psychopath-personified and look vulnerable, yet deceptive, as the script demands the kind of narration that sounds vivid and intriguing at the same time. And for me, Shutter Island succeeds in creating that ambience of bewilderment throughout. 
DeCaprio excels in his role as Teddy Daniels and his expressions are vital to his character here. But he has ensured that he is not overdoing it and comes up trumps in this thriller/drama. I am seeing Ben Kingsley on screen after a long time and he proves why he is considered to be one of the stupendous actors in the vicinity. He is perfect for the role of the doctor, who is all set to divulge the imaginary story woven by DeCaprio and his conviction is impeccable. The supporting cast has always been Scorsese’s strength and Shutter Island is no exception. He could have easily gone overboard with the kind of script at his disposal but he has remained restrained and delivers typically.
I love the filmmaker in Martin Scorsese and his school of filmmaking belongs to the elite class of people who admire quality and stunning cinema. The latest offering is a gift to his admirers (including me..) after a long time.

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